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Mentor ONE

Mentoring works!

Children who are mentored are:
  • 52% less likely to skip school
  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • One third less likely to hit someone
Mentor ONE is a one-on-one mentoring program that matches Christian adults with at-risk children for the purpose of providing guidance and friendship in a caring, stable relationship.
Mentor ONE is for children and teens (mentees) ages 6-14, living in the El Paso area. It's also for Christian adults who want to invest two hours or more per week for one year in the life of a youth. Mentors and mentees agree to a one-year minimum committment and are free to set their own time, dates and places to meet. 

Mentoring information

Anyone can submit an application for a child to be a part of the Mentor ONE program, whether you’re a teacher, counselor or concerned relative.  However, the Parent(s), or Guardian(s) of the child must give their permission for the child to participate.  Submitting an application does not insure acceptance into the program.
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Mentors are absolutely vital to our goal of reaching many at-risk kids here in our El Paso community. Getting involved in a child’s life and taking an interest in them is sometimes all they need to excel in school and stay on a path to success. Being a mentor is challenging and requires your unflinching commitment to the relationship but the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices.  You will be making an eternal difference in the life of a young person and finding yourself a changed person in the process. Submitting an application neither insures your involvement nor requires it, it’s simply a first step in the mentoring process. Thanks for your interest!
Click here for a printable Mentor application.
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My Story

​    When I first heard about the mentoring program, I immediately saw the need that was being presented and I became excited, because I really felt God could use me to make a difference in a child's life.
Whether, it's introducing her to something new that she may not have had the chance to experience otherwise, or showing her that she can turn to God when she has a problem, the best part about mentoring for me is the opportunity to impact Natalie in a positive way. 
Natalie was shy and nervous when we first got together.  She didn't know what to expect from our relationship and she was also fearful of new situations.  During the past year I've seen her blossom and become more confident, less fearful, and I believe she values our friendship and trusts me.
     Our favorite thing to do is go eat at McDonalds and work on her homework (when she needs help) or just color and talk.  We'll also sometimes go on walks through the mall (she especially likes to visit the pet store). Natalie has come to my house several times so I could give her swimming lessons, something she is proud to have been able to master.  We've also gone to the park and to an occasional movie. 
Mentoring definitely requires time and sacrifice, but the rewards far exceed any inconvenience you may encounter.  Recently, I was having doubts as to whether I was actually making a difference in Natalie's life, or was I just a source of entertainment for her.  Then, she told me one day that she was facing surgery.  She does not see out of one eye, and the surgery is needed to stabilize that eye.  She told me of her apprehension and fear in having the surgery.  What scares her the most is the fear of waking up while the surgery is being performed.  I explained to her that people have surgeries all the time and that the doctors know how to make sure you stay asleep until it's all over.  I told her that when they put her to sleep, she will not feel anything and that she would wake up after the surgery feeling as though she just went to sleep.  I told her I knew this because I've also had surgery.  I assured her that there would be angels in the operating room all around her, and that God would surely be watching over her.  She thought for a moment, then she smiled and said, "I feel better now after what you said.. because I trust you." 
     I've learned that I have it in me to be a positive force for someone who needs role models in her life.  I've also learned that just when I start to get disillusioned and think I want to quit, God shows me how important it is to persevere and how faithful He is to allow me to see how small seeds planted can bear good fruit.  Natalie is a testament to that.